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safety culture
Safety is the backbone of the global nuclear sector and is enshrined in all actions of each and every member of the nuclear environment. This extends beyond the call for safety in design and operation to the fundamental requirement for each individual to practise safety within the work environment.
values based strategy
Our basic beliefs, values, leadership behaviours and attitudes form the foundation of the company's safety culture. One of the PBMR core strategies were to establish, improve and maintain a strong safety culture within PBMR.
For this reason, PBMR established a safety culture enhancement programme and plan. The main goal of the programme was to develop a fully functional and effective integrated safety management system within the company. An important element of this was to maintain and enhance the safety culture within the organisation to be in line with the best international practice. the objective of the implementation of the programme was the sustainable continuous improvement of the organisation's safety culture and the nuclear safety characteristics of PBMR's products.
the safety culture assessment review team found the following signs of a strong safety culture:
"The managers and employees at PBMR are committed to improving the safety culture of their nuclear design organisation. Both management and employees are open and eager to learn from international experience. A positive attitude has been observed among the host peers from PBMR, who appeared to be extremely frank, sincere and honest, and always jointly looking for deficiencies.
Safety in design is a priority topic in meetings, at senior management as well as group level; each section or group conducts a regular meeting on safety incorporated in the design, using experience gained at PBMR and other nuclear design organisations throughout the world.
Management, from CEO to line managers, has a clear understanding of nuclear safety, and especially safety in design, and the importance of communicating a nuclear safety message. Everywhere in working areas, posters address safety culture and stress the commitment of management to safety in design.
Management shows a long-term and proactive approach to safety in design."
Last Updated: 16 May 2017
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