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social responsibility
While the project was ongoing, PBMR was striving to set the precedent for the nuclear sector in supporting, refining and enhancing all measures designed to grow our economy, invest in social development and protect the environment of South Africa, the third most biodiverse country on the planet, and its people.
The White Paper on Energy Policy contains a broad set of policy objectives organised under three main themes. PBMR contributes directly to achieving the following objectives:
  • Stimulation of economic development
    PBMR contributes to this through the range of new activities that has to be developed and undertaken to support the further development, construction and commercialisation of the technology.
  • Management of energy-related environmental and health impacts
    The impact of nuclear power on the environment is significantly lower than coal. In addition, the design of PBMR technology makes it inherently safe and the nuclear power industry places a materially higher value on safety than other industries.
  • Securing of energy supply through diversity
    PBMR provides a "home-grown", emission-free alternative to coal for South Africa.
  "Sustainable development is based on economic development, respect for the environment and meeting social expectations for stakeholders."  
Last Updated: 16 May 2017
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