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Bringing the benefits of ‘Pebble’ Power to humankind.
Humankind's quest for growth and prosperity requires safe, clean, abundant and reliable energy. PBMR is a technologically innovative company that provides various non-polluting energy solutions with sufficient capacity to meet world growth objectives.
To provide friendly, accessible and market driven nuclear energy systems.
PBMR is building world class pebble fuel, pebble reactor and nuclear services capabilities to meet energy market demands. The technology has numerous advantages including safety, reliability, cost effectiveness, modularity and a minimal carbon footprint.
Safety is first priority.
Quality without compromise on standards.
Customer and stakeholder centric.
Respect for people.
Relentless pursuit of excellence.
Partnering to create sustainable success.
brand promise
Your future energy solution today.
Nuclear is a viable and preferred energy source for today and the future. Fission energy is harnessed by PBMR in a safe, cost effective, and environmentally friendly manner to meet ever increasing world social and industrial energy needs.
Last Updated: 16 May 2017
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